Abandoned Fishing Boat

An apparently abandoned fishing boat on Two Tree Island, near Leigh on Sea, Essex.


Poppy Parents

This clump of poppies appears each year on a service road behind a local Tescos supermarket.
It was one of those sites from which, last year, we collected the old poppy heads – and then the seeds. They produced the flower featured in yesterday’s blog post.
On a walk past the location this year I saw the poppies against that old painted hoarding, the blue paint beginning to flake off – and I was really taken by the textures on the panel – and the brilliance of the poppy ‘red’.

I only had my iPhone with me – no other camera – but the phone did the job! I hope you agree.

November Favourite

This is my choice for November…

… and not only because I really like the colours and the textures, and the sense of depth that is added by the shadows of the foliage, but primarily because it was captured – and edited – on my iPhone4.
Never go anywhere without a camera – or your phone!

Beach Hut Padlock

This was spotted on my trip to Clacton. It was on the door of a beach hut on the front at Clacton, bravely facing everything the North Sea could throw at it! In the subdued light of that damp afternoon I was attracted by the textures in the stained wood and rusting metal. In need of some tender loving care, perhaps. But then, it gave the stronger feeling of being abandoned and lost.

Taken on my Nikon Coolpix P100.