This week I’ve been thinking about Texture as an important element in my images. Of course, everything has ‘texture’ to some degree, but capturing that in an image is not straightforward. The answer, in the main, is in the lighting – and certainly side-lighting is a great way to bring out the texture in many subjects.

Using texture as a form of contrast in the image is always powerful, as in the feather and chain shot. I’ll leave it to you to decide if these work for you. That , after all, is the acid test!

Feather and ChainTexture by John Allen-1

Old Paint.Texture by John Allen-2

Rendered BrickworkTexture by John Allen-3

Chasms in the SandTexture by John Allen-4


Stansted Express

This was travelling at speed away from Stansted, just after passing through Harlow Town Station.

Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/29 at 2.5 secs, using my 24-120mm lens at 52mm plus a 1 stop ND filter to cut down the light to give me the long exposure….. and tripod!