When we were in Shropshire we  visited the British Ironworks Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park just outside Ostwestry. The place is described on Wikipedia as “a forge, silversmiths and bric-a-brac shop”.

The grounds are full of (metal) sculptures, mainly animals, but some human ( or humanoid ) forms. There is, apparently, a gorilla made of spoons – I don’t think he is the one show below – but there is also the Knife Angel – constructed from “100,000 knives, blades, swords and other weapons used in violent crime from across 43 Police Forces in the United Kingdom.” ( Source : Wikipedia ). The knives were collected as the result of a nationwide knife amnesty.

BIC by John Allen-1

The Knife Angel.

BIC by John Allen-2

These final two shots are of deer sculptures, part of the outdoor display at the centre.

BIC by John Allen-3BIC by John Allen-4

We visited on a very wet Friday. I’d love to go back in the sunshine!



We’ve just returned from a week in Shropshire where we stayed in a stunning house situated to the west of Ostwestry, close to the Wales/England border. These images are of the view from the main sitting room and verandah, looking west into Wales.

They show, not only the magnificence of the view, but also the changing light and conditions that we saw during the week.

REST ON THE HILL by John Allen-1REST ON THE HILL by John Allen-2REST ON THE HILL by John Allen-3REST ON THE HILL by John Allen-4

Even on the last days as we prepared to leave, and the rain hammered down across the valley, it still retained its splendour and beauty.

If you do not know Shropshire, go take a look. But don’t tell too many people. Keep it our secret. 🙂