Connaught Water – 48

An early morning walk in Epping Forest took us to Connaught Water, a large stretch of water near Chingford.

Not great light, but thankfully the rain held off. The second image is of some tree branches close to the water – a 25 second exposure taken with a ‘big stopper’ filter to give the water that soft, creamy look.

Connaught Water
Old Tree

Cressbrook Mill

I’ve just spent several days in the Peak District with “friends” from our photography club ( Harlow Seniors Photography Group ) so you may see some more of my images from the trip over the coming days.

This is a thirteen second exposure of the weir at Cressbrook Mill in the Peak District, taken on the Olympus EM-1 with a Big Stopper filter.

Bournemouth Pier – Long Exposure

A couple of weekends ago we spent a weekend in Bournemouth on the south coast.
I ventured out onto the beach early one morning and caught this long exposure of the sea and Bournemouth’s pier.
The image captures the solitude of the place for me – at least, as it was at that time of the morning. Later it became it became a bit more hectic, but still lovely!

Taken on an Olympus EM-1, ISO 100, f22 60 seconds using a 10 stop ND filter – and tripod!
( Probably, more Bournemouth pictures to follow. )