An image from Speakers’ Corner in London.
If I ever got to speak to this guy, I think I’d get on with him
He has that sort of face!


London Evening Light

A group of friends from our photography club went up to London this week where we spent an enjoyable evening taking pictures close to the River Thames. We started near Westminster Bridge and worked our way eastwards towards Embankment Station, where tired – but happy – we called it a day.


All of these were taken on the Olympus EM-1 and processed in LightRoom.

London Lumiere

On Saturday night we ventured into Central London for London Lumiere.

It was pretty hectic – thousands of people – too many in some places, but the light show was brilliant.

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Just a few shots here from the evening. All taken hand-held on the Olympus EM-1, most with quite a large aperture – f4 or 5.6 – and with the ISO racked up to 800 to give me a reasonable shutter speed.

Rainy Day In London

A sunny lunchtime in London on Friday suddenly turned into this …

There were some very damp people caught out by the rain!

London Street Art

From a trip into London yesterday.
Photographs of Street Art around Hanbury Street and Brick Lane, E1.

20150515 - 032

20150515 - 042

20150515 - 045

I am sure there are people who will call this graffiti – I can’t do that, that word has too many negative connotations. This is art – as much ‘art’ as anything you will find in any art gallery around the world.

From the Sky Garden

Sky Garden1

On Friday we visited the Sky Garden on top of the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building in Fenchurch Street, London ( the building that burnt the tarmac and damaged a car – or so I hear! )

It ( the Sky Garden! ) has on its 35th floor ‘roof’ a space open to the public – a garden and a viewing platform and a couple of restaurants. ( Tickets only, free, book on line, google ‘Sky Garden’ )

These are some of the images I took on the visit!

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We picked the worst possible day – with pollution coming in from across the Channel coupled with sand from the Sahara. The light was not the kindest it could have been.

On top of all of that, the area is surrounded ( almost ) by thick, blue-tinted glass – so almost everywhere you point a camera you are struggling with reflections and ( as I discovered when I got home ) a very obvious blue colour cast.

All of the images took some work in post-processing, Lightroom mainly, and Photoshop CC if Lightroom was not ‘heavy’ enough.

Worth a visit? Certainly. But if you are a photographer, good luck!