It all depends where you are standing …..


Backlighting with Flash

Something I’ve been meaning to try for a while – and this morning whilst out for a walk I picked up a Sycamore seed ( there’s probably a proper name for this. Oh well! ).
Anyway, it lead me to this …

Backlit Fruit-4Backlit Fruit-3Backlit Fruit-2Backlit Fruit-1

Strawberry, Kiwi Fruit, Grape … and the Sycamore Seed. All taken on perspex backlit with a single flash – and captured on the Nikon D800 with a 60mm macro lens.

Balloon Burst

Balloons, cornflour and sharp objects don’t always mix!
Taken with a D800 and four synchronised flash units. The camera shutter was held open on ‘bulb’ and the flashes were fired by the audio trigger on a PhotoTrigger unit.
Great fun, but it can get quite messy with all that flour flying about.