Flower Reflection

Nikon D800, Sigma 180mm macro lens … just add water and one flower!


Splash Down – v2

As promised – or threatened – here is a second version of the “Splash Down” sequence.
This one incorporates eleven separate images, all taken on the D800 with the Sigma 180mm macro lens.
The images were exported from Lightroom into CS5 where they were combined into a single file that had an initial indicated size of over 1 Gigabyte!
That slowed the Mac down when I saved it as a Tiff file!!

The layers were then merged by hand, using layer masks on each layer to hide the unwanted bits!

“Catch the Moment”


20131011 35 015 v2

The Flying Frog

Those of you that have been following the blog for a while will know that for some time now I have been dabbling with water droplet photography. Indeed, it was through that interest that I gained my Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society ( ARPS ) in November 2012.

More recently I’ve been playing with acrylic paint – in particular fluorescent paint – and some of the results have been quite amazing. Have a look at The Flying Frog ( an earlier blog post ) as an example.

But now, some of my work is going to be exhibited at the Black and White Space, a new gallery in the Genesis Cinema, 93-95 mile End Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 4UJ. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 4th December 2013 to the 6th January  2014 and is open weekdays from 3pm – 11pm, and weekends 10.45am – 11pm. Genesis also has a coffee bar in the foyer – well worth a visit.

Hopefully some of you will be able to make it along to the gallery at Genesis to see my work in print form. I really hope so. I may even bump into you – it would be good to meet the people that have expressed so much interest in my work. I may even be able to persuade you to buy one of the exhibited images!! 🙂 🙂

All the best for now, and thanks for reading!



Multi Coloured Drop Shot

A droplet of milk dropped into a pattern of acrlic paint droplets!
The first image is the droplets of acrylic paint on a piece of reflective plastic.
The second image is with the added milk!!

A Splash of Colour

This is a new venture – a development of the water droplet photography.
But here I’m dropping cream – through the same microprocessor-controlled solenoid valve – into acrylic paint and making ‘pretty patterns’!
The collision takes place on a piece of shiny black plastic – giving the reflections, and adding another dimension to the image.

The results are almost unpredictable – but the colours are really vibrant.
I like it! 🙂