Driving Hands

Taken today at the Epping Ongar Railway.
Nikon D800, LR4 and HDR Efex Pro 2



Sometimes just the graphic shape of a blade of grass is all it takes to find beauty in this world.

This was pulled from a field edge on a local walk and then photographed against a black cloth in my table-top studio.

So simple, yet so amazing!

London’s Changing Skyline

The newest addition – but not for too long, I suspect.

I have yet to venture up the Shard. No doubt when I do, I’ll have chosen a rainy day – a bit like today – and be immersed in cloud with nothing to see but a million water droplets.

This was taken from just outside London Bridge Station, sitting on the pavement and hand-holding the camera.

Nikon D800, ISO 200, f/11 at 1/400 sec. A 24-120mm lens @ 48mm.

Black and White

We tend to think of wildlife images as being full colour, but as I was looking at this image of a butterfly after I had loaded it onto my computer I thought that perhaps there was another way of seeing the image.

Not wanting to deny in any way the beauty of the butterfly, I do feel that the conversion into black and white does add another dimension to the picture. Somehow it helps us to concentrate on the textures and the shapes it contains, elements that can sometimes be lost behind that blaze of colour. So maybe this is where Art and Nature meet, without either one denying the value of the other.

Controversial? Not me!