Balloon Flight

More from our Balloon flight near Colchester…..

Getting Ready for Lift Off!

Last Friday we had a balloon trip from near to Colchester in Essex for 11 miles south-east towards Chelmsford.
We had a perfect afternoon – lovely skies, and a few fluffy clouds just to add photographic interest.

This shot was taken just before we lifted off – with the Virgin balloon having left several minutes previously.
Not surprisingly, we followed on along the same track and then landed minutes apart in neighbouring fields.

Comment of the afternoon, from one of our companion travellers – “Why don’t they just fly it around in a big circle and take us back to where we parked our cars?”
They clearly understood exactly what they were experiencing!

Balloon Burst

Balloons, cornflour and sharp objects don’t always mix!
Taken with a D800 and four synchronised flash units. The camera shutter was held open on ‘bulb’ and the flashes were fired by the audio trigger on a PhotoTrigger unit.
Great fun, but it can get quite messy with all that flour flying about.