Just returned from a couple of days in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk – North Sea coast. Bracing – but beautiful. A fabulous mix of coastland and places to visit inland – Snape Maltings, the ruins of Leiston Abbey – and much more.

Here are some images from Aldeburgh itself, the last one being of Maggi Hambling’s controversial Scallop – originally situated closer to to the town, but moved because some residents felt it spoilt the beach! You decide. The shot was taken just as the sun was coming up, some of the colour on the Scallop being reflected sunlight,

01-aldeburgh by john allen02-aldeburgh by john allen03-aldeburgh by john allen04-aldeburgh by john allen


When we were in Shropshire we  visited the British Ironworks Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park just outside Ostwestry. The place is described on Wikipedia as “a forge, silversmiths and bric-a-brac shop”.

The grounds are full of (metal) sculptures, mainly animals, but some human ( or humanoid ) forms. There is, apparently, a gorilla made of spoons – I don’t think he is the one show below – but there is also the Knife Angel – constructed from “100,000 knives, blades, swords and other weapons used in violent crime from across 43 Police Forces in the United Kingdom.” ( Source : Wikipedia ). The knives were collected as the result of a nationwide knife amnesty.

BIC by John Allen-1

The Knife Angel.

BIC by John Allen-2

These final two shots are of deer sculptures, part of the outdoor display at the centre.

BIC by John Allen-3BIC by John Allen-4

We visited on a very wet Friday. I’d love to go back in the sunshine!

Hatfield Forest Dawn

These two images were both taken in Hatfield Forest, just after dawn. A little experimental perhaps, both images involving longish exposures and movements of the camera – the first moving the camera up and down to take in the whole height of the trees ( 0.6 sec exposure ), the second zooming the lens during the 0.4 second exposure.