July Favourite

Another one from my ARPS panel!
This is a balloon full of water burst with a pin on a long stick ( pin and stick Photoshopped from the image ), and caught using a sound trigger to fire the flash units.

February Favourite

This was taken as part of my panel for my ARPS application. See Breaking News. It nearly didn’t make it into the panel, but ended up being the centre image of the fifteen.
It was taken using a “Photo Trigger” unit with a laser beam across the top of the cream which, when broken by the falling strawberry, would fire my Nikon D300 and linked strobe lights.

Breaking news….


I’ve not been about over the last few days. Hope I haven’t missed too much. But my news is that I have been in Bath at the Royal Photographic Society where as a result of submitting my panel of photographs ( see the attached image ), I have been awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.
So to anyone who has helped me along the way – with support, advice or practical help – or who was there to chivvy me along when it was all getting difficult – I’ll take this opportunity to say a very public and huge thanks!