On our trip to Berwick-upon-Tweed I decided to walk down the river to get underneath the famous railway viaduct. ( More of that later, perhaps.)

On the way I came across this cormorant that had caught itself some lunch! A huge flat-fish of some type, that seemed far too large to swallow. And, indeed, the bird did seem to spend some time trying to decide how it was going to eat its meal. Note also how much of the cormorant in the first two shots appears to be under water!!

Eventually, as shown in the final image, it swallowed the thing whole! Amazing!

CORMORANT & CATCH by John Allen-1CORMORANT & CATCH by John Allen-2CORMORANT & CATCH by John Allen-3CORMORANT & CATCH by John Allen-4

It sat for a while on the water, made a couple of attempts to take off, and on the third go it flew along the river and under the arches of the viaduct. What a catch.

Moorhen Family – and an Apple – 36

Walking along the New River near Stansted Abbots last week, we spotted this clutch of Moorhen chicks.

Moorhens by John Allen - 1

Mum was close by with a more mature – but, we think, still young – sibling. Mum had found an apple floating in the stream and she had managed to move it from the middle of the river to the bank, close to the chicks.Moorhens by John Allen-2

By grabbing hold of the stalk on the apple – with her beak – after several attempts Mother Moorhenpulled the apple out of the water and on to the bank.Moorhens by John Allen-3

The older Moorhens then enjoyed an apple treat. The younger ones were unable to take part in the feast. But great to witness this piece of animal/bird behaviour.