I’ve grown a Sunflower in a pot from seed. It’s got lots of leaves – but will it flower for me?

I’ve convinced myself that this is a picture of something about to burst into flower. But is it?


Farne Islands Grey Seals

We are in Northumberland at the moment, and on Tuesday we took the boat trip from Seahouses out to the Farne Islands. Not too many birds in residence – the Puffins were miles out to sea – but there were hundreds of grey seals, some in the water, most just lazing on the rocks. Very photogenic – here is a taster. There may be more to come.

Taken on the Olympus EM-1 and my new Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro lens. Very nice!

Backlighting with Flash

Something I’ve been meaning to try for a while – and this morning whilst out for a walk I picked up a Sycamore seed ( there’s probably a proper name for this. Oh well! ).
Anyway, it lead me to this …

Backlit Fruit-4Backlit Fruit-3Backlit Fruit-2Backlit Fruit-1

Strawberry, Kiwi Fruit, Grape … and the Sycamore Seed. All taken on perspex backlit with a single flash – and captured on the Nikon D800 with a 60mm macro lens.


Seen in Epping Forest and captured using the Olympus EM-1, a 60mm macro lens and off-camera flash – a new development for me : a skill I am trying to improve upon!
Not the crispest macro shot I have taken, but it was hand held – and the little blighter was in an awkward position in amongst the leaves of a stinging-nettle!