We were in London last weekend, and on the Sunday evening we walked along the Thames. The evening sky was quite dramatic, and these are a few of the images I caught that evening.

From the south bank, looking west across a span of Tower Bridge.London Sky-1

The sun setting behind the dome of St Pauls Cathedral.London Sky-2

Shapes and patterns in the clouds.London Sky-3

The Great Fire of London Monument silhouetted against the setting sun.London Sky-4



Männlichen – 26

Some more images from our recent Switzerland trip.
These were all taken from Männlichen, situated above Wengen, and accessed by a recently refurbished cable car. If you take the cable car from Wengen, grab the opportunity to go upstairs to the external viewing gallery! Feel the wind in your hair as you make the ascent/descent!

A multitude of waterfalls!Mannlichen-1Mannlichen-2

Meadow flowers – and barbed wire!Mannlichen-3


Could these be orchids?Mannlichen-5

More meadow flowers.Mannlichen-6Mannlichen-7

The North Face of the Eiger.Mannlichen-8Mannlichen-9

SWAN v DOG – 23

In Montreux, Switzerland this dog got into the water far too close to a pair of swans and their cygnets.

What happened next was what can only be described as one of the swans attempting to get on top of the dog and drown it!!

SWAN v DOG by John Allen-1SWAN v DOG by John Allen-2SWAN v DOG by John Allen-3

Finally the second swan joined in the melee.

SWAN v DOG by John Allen-4

Somehow the dog escaped with a little assistance from its owner who ran into the lake, up to his waist in water. As the man and dog left the water one of the swans had a final ‘hiss’ at the pair.

Other than a slight exposure increase and some cropping, these are as they came out of the camera ( I know, we all say that 🙂 )

St Ives Harbour, Cornwall – 18

Another image from our recent trip to Cornwall, deep in the south west!


I thought long and hard about the ‘crop’ I have used in this image. I think it is very nearly all of the image as it came off the camera.

However, many would say there is too much sky, or too much beach in the foreground. Their argument being that neither adds much to the image. But I disagree : those extra elements tell of the space around the harbour; they hint at the light ( something that has attracted artists and photographers for many years ); but more importantly they remind me of the feelings of space, freedom and tranquility that I felt here.

A letterbox crop, showing just the buildings, the pier and the lighthouse, would have destroyed all of that. Only my opinion, of course!!


With a group of friends from the photography club, I went to Wicken Fen yesterday for a morning of fun and photography – and coffee and sausage rolls, of course.
Wicken Fen is a National Trust property on the Cambridgeshire Fens. A superb place to visit – lots to see, lots to photograph.

These are three of my images from the visit. All taken on the Olympus EM-1 Mk II; the lichen shot is a ( 60mm )macro shot

WATER PUMP by John Allen


BACK LIT GRASS by John Allen





These images were all taken at Copped Hall, Essex on a cold February evening.

We spent two or three hours playing with light in the grounds of an old house. Very experimental – and great fun.

blue dusk by john allen

blue dusk by john allen

blue dusk long exposure by john allen

blue dusk long exposure by john allen

A two minute exposure with a ‘big stopper’ to put some movement into clouds.

silhouette by john allen

silhouette by john allen

Spot the person standing behind me with the flood lamp? This with the camera on a tripod and fired by a remote trigger.

lit tree by john allen

lit tree by john allen

light painted folly by john allen

light painted folly by john allen

Two shots merged into one – one of the lit interior, the second ( you guessed it ) the lit outside of the folly.


All taken at this year’s London Lumiere event.
Having visited the West End last time ( 2016? ), this time we went to the area behind Kings Cross station.

Artificial lighting – not the easiest of subject to captures, but hopefully these images give you a sense of the spectacle!

london lumiere by john allen 01

london lumiere by john allen 01

london lumiere by john allen 02

london lumiere by john allen 02

london lumiere by john allen 03

london lumiere by john allen 03

london lumiere by john allen 04

london lumiere by john allen 04


london lumiere by john allen 05

london lumiere by john allen 05