Studio Flower Shots #2 – 50

Not much incentive to venture outside in this cold grey weather. So I’ve hunkered down in my (Slightly) warmer garage/studio and taken more studies of shop-purchased flowers.

Fairly weak on identifying  which is what, but then it’s the image that counts. Hope you agree. 🙂

Purple Macro

The ‘Purple Macro’ is a single shot. I’ve just rediscovered my Sigma Ring Flash and dragged it out for this shot. With the flower-head just a couple of inches in front of the 60mm macro lens, even lighting is always going to be difficult. There are still some dark shadows in the centre of the image, but I think I can live with those.

Ornamental Kale?

The “Ornamental Kale” shot is a focus-stacked image – 18 individual layers, merged together in Photoshop CC to give the deeper depth of field.

All taken on the Olympus E-M1 MkII with a 60mm macro lens. Will Olympus ever bring out a macro lens in their Pro Lens series?



It is a little known fact ( that is to say, I didn’t know ) that plants breathe out oxygen. Apparently “Plants produce oxygen as a waste product of making sugar using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water”. ( Source : )

The appearance of bubbles in these images is evidence that plants do breathe out.

BUBBLES by John Allen-4BUBBLES by John Allen-2BUBBLES by John Allen-1BUBBLES by John Allen-3

The images were taken by submerging the flowers into a small glass tank of water – and waiting for the bubbles to appear. The flower in image 1 is a chrysanthemum; images 2 to 4 are of blossom – cherry blossom, I believe.

All taken on the Olympus EM1 MkII with a 60mm macro lens. Images 2 to 4 are 1:1 macros; all of the images are uncropped.


With a group of friends from the photography club, I went to Wicken Fen yesterday for a morning of fun and photography – and coffee and sausage rolls, of course.
Wicken Fen is a National Trust property on the Cambridgeshire Fens. A superb place to visit – lots to see, lots to photograph.

These are three of my images from the visit. All taken on the Olympus EM-1 Mk II; the lichen shot is a ( 60mm )macro shot

WATER PUMP by John Allen


BACK LIT GRASS by John Allen





I believe this to be a Horsefly. If not, I’m sure somebody will help me out! 🙂

It was another experiment in close-up / macro work. This was taken on a Lumix DMC-TZ60 – a point-and-shoot style of camera ( nothing wrong with that ) but because of the v small sensors in these devices this is almost certainly ‘close-up’ and not true ‘macro’ ( which to the purist requires at least a 1:1 image size to subject size capture ).

The niceties of such discussions aside, I was taken with the coloured bandings on the insect’s eyes – and the clarity in which the TZ60 had captured their detail.

I should also point out the error in the copyright line on this – the image is less than a week old! Oooops!


This is a focus-stacked image of a teasel – 43 layers combined together to give a depth of focus not usually achievable in close-up and macro photography.

The original images – those 43 slices – were taken in my garage on a Nikon D800 with a 105mm macro lens at f/8 mounted on a tripod and a focus rack ( used to move the camera forward between each exposure ).

Lighting was from two strobes, one mounted each side of the teasel. The 43 slices were then combined together using Helicon Focus software.