The Shuttleworth Collection – 27

First, an apology. I tried something different last week – a slideshow of images from my visit to Ickworth House.ICKWORTH HOUSE – 26 I think some people had trouble seeing the images – they weren’t always visible in email handlers, the blog needs to be opened in a browser window – click on Pixels and Pronouns in the header line and this should happen.I’ve edited it back into my usual look! Sorry about that.

This week, more in my old style and set-up!!

Yesterday, Sunday 7th July, I went to the Shuttleworth Collection near Biggleswade, for their Military Aircraft airshow .

Here are some shots of some of the aircraft on display – flying and/or on the ground.

The highlight of the day? Easily, seven Hawker Hurricanes flying together. Only eight of these beautiful aircraft flying in the UK, and Shuttleworth managed to get SEVEN of them together – the highest number to fly together since 1946!!.

Hawker Hurricanes

Shuttleworth Air Display-1Shuttleworth Air Display-4Shuttleworth Air Display-5

Boeing B-17G ‘Sally B’

Shuttleworth Air Display-2

Westland Lysander

Shuttleworth Air Display-3

Bristol Boxkite, 1910 ( Replica )

Shuttleworth Air Display-6

Avro Triplane, 1910 ( Replica )

Shuttleworth Air Display-7

Not been to Shuttleworth? Go! It’s a must visit ( IMHO )!!


Taken at a photography day held at IWM Duxford in August.
Olympus EM-1 MkII, 40-150mm Pro Lens at 150mm. ISO 200, 1/200sec at f/11

Thank you to IWM and Darren Harbar, our mentor for the day.
I understand that this is the Mk 1A Spitfire recovered from the beaches of Dunkirk and rebuilt.
The rebuild was recorded on a television programme with Guy Martin.

Red Arrows – Synchro Pair

This was taken at the Duxford Air Show on Sunday ( so pleased I didn’t go on Saturday – the event was effectively rained off! )

These are the Synchro Pair from the Red Arrows – and yes, the image is as it came out of the camera ( Olympus EM-1 ) – save for a little cropping.
The two aircraft were flying at around 400 mph, and so in the 1/250 sec of this exposure the top aircraft had moved about 2.4 feet.
And they say timing is everything! 🙂

Flying Days

On Thursday and Friday we took a couple of trips to nearby North Weald Airfield. It was a busy flying day, with some aircraft using the location as a base from which they took part in the Clacton Airshow.

These are some of my shots from the visits.


MiG – 15


Jet Provost


B-25 Mitchell


Departing DH Vampires

All taken on the Olympus EM-1 and processed in Lightroom. The B-25 image was further processed in Photoshop.

Getting Ready for Lift Off!

Last Friday we had a balloon trip from near to Colchester in Essex for 11 miles south-east towards Chelmsford.
We had a perfect afternoon – lovely skies, and a few fluffy clouds just to add photographic interest.

This shot was taken just before we lifted off – with the Virgin balloon having left several minutes previously.
Not surprisingly, we followed on along the same track and then landed minutes apart in neighbouring fields.

Comment of the afternoon, from one of our companion travellers – “Why don’t they just fly it around in a big circle and take us back to where we parked our cars?”
They clearly understood exactly what they were experiencing!