Another not-quite still life!

Oops !!

Another ruined sandwich!



The Staubbach Falls – 25

These are the Staubbach Falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.

Staubbach Falls by John Allen

This was taken from the train on the day we left Wengen on our way to Konstanz.
There is a small zig-zag footpath at the base of the falls. That must be a fascinating walk looking up at that cascading water!



Another still life.

Here I was looking for the contrast in textures and colours – mainly between the old food can ( six weeks in the garden, filled with water, to make it go rusty ) and the beauty of the flowers. But I think the muted, soft tones of the background also help.

Key, of course, is the lighting which really makes the image pop – although, at the same time, it is subtle and not overdone. One strobe with a soft box as the main light ( from the left ) and a second light, also softened,  overhead to light the background.

Wicken Fen Pony

There are a number of Konik ponies at Wicken Fen, a hardy breed originating from Eastern Europe and introduced to the Fen as part of a grazing programme. They are very photogenic, if you can find them.

On our latest visit we were lucky enough to come across a group of them grazing one of the fields and drinking from a small stream.
This one ventured closer to us – and I was able to capture this rather pleasing image!

Young Sparrow

Our new bird-feeder has been attracting sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and robins over the last couple of days.
This young chap ( miss? ) decided to rest on an old tree stump whilst dad went out kin search of food.
Much like our world then!

Taken on an Olympus EM-1, handheld, ISO 800 with a fully extended 75 – 300mm lens.
Processed in Lightroom CC ( and cropped ).