An image from Speakers’ Corner in London.
If I ever got to speak to this guy, I think I’d get on with him
He has that sort of face!


Wicken Fen Pony

There are a number of Konik ponies at Wicken Fen, a hardy breed originating from Eastern Europe and introduced to the Fen as part of a grazing programme. They are very photogenic, if you can find them.

On our latest visit we were lucky enough to come across a group of them grazing one of the fields and drinking from a small stream.
This one ventured closer to us – and I was able to capture this rather pleasing image!

Young Sparrow

Our new bird-feeder has been attracting sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and robins over the last couple of days.
This young chap ( miss? ) decided to rest on an old tree stump whilst dad went out kin search of food.
Much like our world then!

Taken on an Olympus EM-1, handheld, ISO 800 with a fully extended 75 – 300mm lens.
Processed in Lightroom CC ( and cropped ).

Painting With Light

Last night I, and a bunch of friends from our photography club, visited Copped Hall in Essex where I had my first experience of Painting with Light.

These are the best of my images. Not bad for a beginner – even if I say so myself.

Copped Hall-1Copped Hall-2Copped Hall-3Copped Hall-4Copped Hall-5

All the images were taken on the Olympus EM-1 with a 14-140mm lens and an ISO of either 200 or 400. Most of the exposures were 30 seconds although the starry sky was a 60 second exposure.

Thank you, of course, to Copped Hall and Peter Warne in particular, for allowing us access to this superb location.

Ice Patterns

I changed the water in our garden birdbath this morning – and found these amazing patterns in the ice!

Ice Patterns-2Ice Patterns-1Ice Patterns-3Ice Patterns-4

All taken on the Olympus EM-1 with a 60mm macro lens and a tripod. There’s a lot of ‘noise’ in the first couple – the ISO was much too high – but the last one is much cleaner!