When we were in Shropshire we  visited the British Ironworks Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park just outside Ostwestry. The place is described on Wikipedia as “a forge, silversmiths and bric-a-brac shop”.

The grounds are full of (metal) sculptures, mainly animals, but some human ( or humanoid ) forms. There is, apparently, a gorilla made of spoons – I don’t think he is the one show below – but there is also the Knife Angel – constructed from “100,000 knives, blades, swords and other weapons used in violent crime from across 43 Police Forces in the United Kingdom.” ( Source : Wikipedia ). The knives were collected as the result of a nationwide knife amnesty.

BIC by John Allen-1

The Knife Angel.

BIC by John Allen-2

These final two shots are of deer sculptures, part of the outdoor display at the centre.

BIC by John Allen-3BIC by John Allen-4

We visited on a very wet Friday. I’d love to go back in the sunshine!


    • Hi, Caroline. So good to hear from you! Hope everything is good with you and yours? Still in the same parts, or have you moved on?
      Yes – great deer! Interesting place to visit, even in the rain.
      All the best😎

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