During our Northumberland trip we spent an evening on the beach at Bamburgh in the hour – and a little after – sunset.

The changing colour of the light was fantastic, and the colour when the sun had finally set was stunning. We could have stayed longer – but in the end the call for food, and a glass of wine, was too strong.

BAMBURGH by John Allen-1BAMBURGH by John Allen-2BAMBURGH by John Allen-3BAMBURGH by John Allen-4

Bamburgh and the Northumberland coast is one of England’s best kept secrets. Don’t tell too many people about it!


In Northumberland for a week with some photography friends from our club. The weather for the week doesn’t look too kind but yesterday we went to the Breamish Valley on the east side of the Northumberland National Park. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is a shot of the River Breamish running across the rocks forming a small weir. Taken at f/22, 1/20 sec at ISO 320.

Moorhen Family – and an Apple – 36

Walking along the New River near Stansted Abbots last week, we spotted this clutch of Moorhen chicks.

Moorhens by John Allen - 1

Mum was close by with a more mature – but, we think, still young – sibling. Mum had found an apple floating in the stream and she had managed to move it from the middle of the river to the bank, close to the chicks.Moorhens by John Allen-2

By grabbing hold of the stalk on the apple – with her beak – after several attempts Mother Moorhenpulled the apple out of the water and on to the bank.Moorhens by John Allen-3

The older Moorhens then enjoyed an apple treat. The younger ones were unable to take part in the feast. But great to witness this piece of animal/bird behaviour.


I’ve just purchased a new phone – an iPhone 7 plus – my old iPhone 5s died as a result of premature battery failure – and lack of working memory ( but that’s another story ).

Following the advice that the best camera you own is the one you have with you, we ventured out along part of the River Stort where it runs through Harlow. And I grabbed a couple of shots along the way with the new phone.

I have always – because of the limitations of most phones –  captured phone shots as jpegs and then imported them from the Camera Roll into Lightroom Sync ( part of the Adobe CC package ).  But I have discovered, quite by chance, that Lightroom Sync ( on the iPhone 7 plus ) now has the ability to record images in RAW format and then sync them directly back to your main Lightroom Classic CC catalog!

The three images below were all taken on the phone as RAW images using the Lightroom Sync App.


As you may, know RAW images shot in Black and White still retain all of the colour data, and I also shot some B&W’s in the Lightroom app  ( later in a coffee shop and not included here ) and sure enough – I’d never tried it before – back at home I could convert those images back to colour!

Suffice it to say, that I’m quite pleased with the combination of the iPhone’s camera and the Lightroom CC Sync’s new ability to record in RAW. Isn’t technology great!!