Männlichen – 26

Some more images from our recent Switzerland trip.
These were all taken from Männlichen, situated above Wengen, and accessed by a recently refurbished cable car. If you take the cable car from Wengen, grab the opportunity to go upstairs to the external viewing gallery! Feel the wind in your hair as you make the ascent/descent!

A multitude of waterfalls!Mannlichen-1Mannlichen-2

Meadow flowers – and barbed wire!Mannlichen-3


Could these be orchids?Mannlichen-5

More meadow flowers.Mannlichen-6Mannlichen-7

The North Face of the Eiger.Mannlichen-8Mannlichen-9


5 thoughts on “Männlichen – 26

    • Thanks, Camilla. It was a great trip – and came home with 1,800 images,
      Are you getting this incredible heat at home? 😎😎

      • 1,800 images! I think that’s more than the total clicks on my camera 🙂 Looking forward to see more then!
        Yes, heatwave here in Amsterdam as well 🔥

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