BLOOD MOON by John Allen

Not taken at the absolute full moon – or at the eclipse, unfortunately, when East Anglia appeared to be blanketed in cloud, preventing any view at all of the moon.

This was taken two nights earlier, using the Olympus E-M1 Mk II with a 300 mm lens ( 600mm the 35mm equivalent ) ISO 2000 to give me a shutter speed of 1/500 at f/8, all on a secure tripod and triggered with a wireless remote. I wanted that high shutter speed because it’s surprising how quickly the moon appears to move when you are looking at it through the viewfinder of a camera!!

I also had to play with the White Balance to get the colour in the image. At Auto White Balance it kept recording at almost black and white monochrome.

Postcards from Montreux – 29

The ongoing heatwave has slowed my photography down this week ( sorry, it’s an age thing ) so here are some more images from our recent trip to Switzerland. These were all taken around Montreux.

Paddle SteamerMONTREUX by John Allen-1

Street PerformersMONTREUX by John Allen-2

What’s A Foot?MONTREUX by John Allen-3

Rain ShowerMONTREUX by John Allen-4

The Church at GlionMONTREUX by John Allen-5

Clouds over the MountainsMONTREUX by John Allen-6



We were in London last weekend, and on the Sunday evening we walked along the Thames. The evening sky was quite dramatic, and these are a few of the images I caught that evening.

From the south bank, looking west across a span of Tower Bridge.London Sky-1

The sun setting behind the dome of St Pauls Cathedral.London Sky-2

Shapes and patterns in the clouds.London Sky-3

The Great Fire of London Monument silhouetted against the setting sun.London Sky-4


Männlichen – 26

Some more images from our recent Switzerland trip.
These were all taken from Männlichen, situated above Wengen, and accessed by a recently refurbished cable car. If you take the cable car from Wengen, grab the opportunity to go upstairs to the external viewing gallery! Feel the wind in your hair as you make the ascent/descent!

A multitude of waterfalls!Mannlichen-1Mannlichen-2

Meadow flowers – and barbed wire!Mannlichen-3


Could these be orchids?Mannlichen-5

More meadow flowers.Mannlichen-6Mannlichen-7

The North Face of the Eiger.Mannlichen-8Mannlichen-9