The Staubbach Falls – 25

These are the Staubbach Falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.

Staubbach Falls by John Allen

This was taken from the train on the day we left Wengen on our way to Konstanz.
There is a small zig-zag footpath at the base of the falls. That must be a fascinating walk looking up at that cascading water!


Having been away – Switzerland and Germany – I’m just catching up on my weekly posts.

CORMORANTS by John Allen

This was the scene on Lake Konstanz, the morning we were leaving for home.

Not the most brilliant image, but I had never seen so many cormorants together. I’d always thought of them as solitary – maybe the odd pair, but never more than that. And here they were in great numbers. I would guess 50+, but I didn’t count them.

The shot was taken from the terrace of our hotel in Konstanz – ( not been? Make the trip if you can ) – and even the hotel staff were amazed by the number of these birds on the lake. One suggested they were feeding on young fish, and there was certainly a lot of diving going on – and I did get a couple of shots of cormorants with fish in their beaks.

Anyway, I thought it was a worthwhile shot. Hope you do too!

Have a good week!

SWAN v DOG – 23

In Montreux, Switzerland this dog got into the water far too close to a pair of swans and their cygnets.

What happened next was what can only be described as one of the swans attempting to get on top of the dog and drown it!!

SWAN v DOG by John Allen-1SWAN v DOG by John Allen-2SWAN v DOG by John Allen-3

Finally the second swan joined in the melee.

SWAN v DOG by John Allen-4

Somehow the dog escaped with a little assistance from its owner who ran into the lake, up to his waist in water. As the man and dog left the water one of the swans had a final ‘hiss’ at the pair.

Other than a slight exposure increase and some cropping, these are as they came out of the camera ( I know, we all say that 🙂 )