Brown Hawker Dragonfly

At least, I think that’s what it is – and female, at that! Maybe you can put me right if I am mistaken!

This beautiful creature sunbathed on my garden fence for about fifteen minutes this morning – yes, on the 28th October!!! – long enough for me to dash to the house, grab my camera and a lens, to take some shots and then decided that I needed a different lens – so back to the house – and back to the Hawker for more shots.


Both images taken on the Olympus EM-1, the first with the Pro 40-150mm lens at 110mm ( F/9 ) and the second with a 60mm macro lens, F/20 – and really close before she decided she had had enough, and left.


4 thoughts on “Brown Hawker Dragonfly

  1. Great photos, John! πŸ™‚ Oh it’s so nice when they’re that cooperative, photographing flying dragonflies is so difficult, they’re SO fast. Amazing they’re still around this time of the year, I’ve seen a couple here in Amsterdam too. In November!!

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