When we were in Northumberland we visited Craster – famous for its kippers – and walked some of the cliffs around Cullernose Point.

We stopped and watched a group of people jumping from the rocks and cliffs, and we imagined that they were RNLI or HM Coastguard personnel training for their respective duties.

However, it turned out that they were a group of lads on a Stag Weekend! In that context I understand that jumping off cliffs is called ‘Tomb-stoning’! An apt name if it all goes wrong!

I took this shot on motor drive on the Olympus EM-1 with a 40-150mm Pro lens.


In the couple of seconds the ‘burst’ took, the camera captured around 15 images. I used half of them to create this shot of one of the lads jumping from the cliff into the water.

It was quite a blustery day : note the surf against the foot of the cliffs and the white tops of the waves.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have made that leap!


4 thoughts on “Tomb-Stoning

  1. Superb photo John, but what a bunch of wimps! Wet-suits and boots, helmets, buoyancy jackets. It wasn’t like that in my young days…

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