Old Essex Barn

Today we went to a Flower Show at St Edmunds Church in Abbess Roding, Essex.
The show was great – and the all-day breakfast was brilliant – but just next to the church I found this old barn.

Taken on the Olympus EM-1 ( hand-held, I’m afraid ), processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and with a touch of HDR!


8 thoughts on “Old Essex Barn

    • Thank you, Lisa!
      Someone we met at the time told us it was probably an old hay barn – the doors high enough and wide enough to take a fully-laden, horse-drawn hay cart. Apparently the barn was large enough to drive in the loaded cart, unload the hay – and then take the cart out on the opposite side of the barn – and therefore not have to turn the cart around or back-up the horses!
      Well – I believed him!! 🙂
      Thanks again, John

  1. The Rodings has so many photo opportunities I like it because its almost like a timewarp with a road through it

    • Hi – and thank you for dropping by my blog.
      A great description of the Rodings – a time warp with a road through it!
      Brilliant! 😎

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