Bournemouth Pier – Long Exposure

A couple of weekends ago we spent a weekend in Bournemouth on the south coast.
I ventured out onto the beach early one morning and caught this long exposure of the sea and Bournemouth’s pier.
The image captures the solitude of the place for me – at least, as it was at that time of the morning. Later it became it became a bit more hectic, but still lovely!

Taken on an Olympus EM-1, ISO 100, f22 60 seconds using a 10 stop ND filter – and tripod!
( Probably, more Bournemouth pictures to follow. )


2 thoughts on “Bournemouth Pier – Long Exposure

    • Hi, Caroline!
      Great to hear from you. All is well with you and yours – I hope 🙂
      Melancholy – yes I can see that. It is interesting the different emotions we can each take from the same image!
      Thanks again for dropping by!
      John 🙂

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