Somerset Steam

Another image from our weekend visit to Taunton and Exmoor.

We were lucky enough to come across the West Somerset Railway ‘Spring Steam Gala’.
This image was taken from the beach just outside Blue Anchor station ( or Bailey Gate as it had been renamed for the Gala ) with the train heading west to Dunster and then on to Minehead.
I think the locomotive is fleet number 53808 ( an SDJR 7F 2-8-0, apparently ) – but only by matching the timestamp on my image and the Gala timetable ( which was running late! ) – so apologies if the info is wrong.

I’ve removed the many enthusiasts that were near the track – but I left in the dog – and gave the image a sepia treatment which seemed to fit the mood of the setting.

Hope you like it!


6 thoughts on “Somerset Steam

    • Crikey! Lisa, that is one heck of a reaction! Thank you so much.
      As you probably know, it means so much when one of your images generates that sort of response!
      Thank you. And thank you again.
      John 🙂

  1. I think it’s great too, and not only cos the subject matter is close to my heart! I see you removed the “gricers” but would it work better without the telegraph pole?

    • Hi David!
      Thanks for your comments on this. Always appreciated!
      But that telegraph pole? I did spot it, and thought about removing it – as I did the ‘gricers’, – a new word for me – but I decided that the pole was part of the trackside ‘furniture’, and so I left it. I did however consider moving it away from the loco towards the signal, but then thought, ‘Nah!!’. So it stayed where it was.

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