An Avenue of Trees

Taken on a weekend visit to Exmoor.

I was taken by the shapes and patterns in the trees and the line of the road leading off into the distance.


4 thoughts on “An Avenue of Trees

    • Thanks Lisa. That’s much appreciated.
      It was one of those moments when I knew exactly how I wanted the final image to look! 🙂

  1. I like it, well worth more than a fleeting glance. Trees foreground right – young, bright, upright but insubstantial; as yet untroubled by the ravages of time. Trees foreground left – old, dark, bent, damaged but strong, I wouldn’t want to argue with them. So,a great performance, enhanced by very skillful post-production 🙂

    • Trevor
      Good of you to drop by! And, I might say, a perceptive analysis of the picture.
      As always, I’m pleased you like it.

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