Roughtin Linn Waterfall

From my first day of a photographic trip to Northumberland

Windmill at Wicken Fen

An early morning frosty visit to Wicken Fen gave me this.
A 5-image HDR taken on the Olympus EM-1, imported into Lightroom and HDR’d in HDR Efex Pro 2 and then tweaked back in LR5

Fen Stanton, near Cambridge

This morning I went to the nature reserve at Fen Stanton near to Cambridge with some friends from my photography club.
We had about two hours of good light before it clouded over and went quite drab – and slightly chilly.

But we got some images. Here are my favourites.

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The journey up the M11 was worth it just to see that barn owl flying. Absolutely brilliant!! 🙂

Lavender Flower

This is the flowering head of a lavender plant.

The flower itself is minute – no more that a couple of millimetres across.
To get this depth of field I focus-stacked the image – 22 slices taken with the D800 and a 70mm macro lens, and then ‘stacked’ and tidied up in Photoshop.