Spinning Colours

A spinning torch, some coloured gels and a long exposure ( 82 seconds in total ).

4 thoughts on “Spinning Colours

    • Thanks, Calee.
      I did this by hanging a torch from the ceiling and pointing the camera straight up at it. I set the shutter speed to ‘Bulb’ to hold it open and then just swung the torch in smallish circles over the camera.
      To get the different colours I laid coloured gels ( I guess you could use those transparent sweet wrappers ) over the camera lens and then moved the torch into a different circle or direction of swing!
      I would suggest that each time you change the colour of the gel, hold a piece of card above the camera to stop any light falling into the lens as you swap colours and restart the movement of the torch.
      It works best in a totally darkened room where the only light is coming from the torch!
      Have fun! 🙂

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