Autumn Colour

Second attempt ( sorry! ) ….

We have this plant in our garden. But we have no idea what it is.
Its stems are covered in soft velvet and we call it our Reindeer Plant. It MAY be related to the Sumac family of plants – I spotted the name on the internet today – but I’m still not sure. Any ideas?

In any case, in the autumn, as you can see, the colours are truly magnificent!

Old Leaves

Another ‘focuse stacked’ image. Twenty one layers here, and then I ran out of ‘travel’ on the focussing rack – which is why the rear leaves are soft! ( There’s a lesson there – be careful what size image you choose to focus-stack! ) D800 + 105 mm macro, opened in Lightroom and staked in CS5.
Adobes new Photoshop CC won’t let me focus stack/merge my images!!

Slow Southend Sea

This was taken this morning at Southend-on-Sea. It was an experiment which went wrong!!

I have just aquired one of those ‘big stopper’ filters which when you look at them appear to be almost black. Many photographers use them to achieve long ( very long ) exposures – sometimes running into three or four minutes – to give smooth water or to emphasise movement in clouds.
All that, of course, requires you to set up the camera properly – which I did not. Yes, I put the shutter speed into ‘bulb’ mode, whereby I could keep the shutter open for my calculated 1 minute exposure. But then through operator error, my exposure turned into 1.3 secs. Don’t ask me why ( or how ) – I’m not sure, to be honest.

When I looked at the image later on my computer in was a rectangle of almost pure black – but – and here is the good bit ( and I think the interesting bit ) – I had been shooting in RAW; and in Lightroom 5 when I moved the Exposure slider to +5 stops the image appeared before me.

But there’s more. The image with +5 stops of exposure was still a little on the dark side – and +5 is all that the exposure slider can give. So then I added a graduated filter over the entire image and dialed in another 2 stops of exposure.
I was then able to back of the exposure slider by 0.5 stops to give me the image you see here.

Now, I’m not saying this image is perfect – I know it isn’t – but if anybody wants to know about the benefits of shooting in RAW – this must be a tale worth listening to!!