Moth Focus Stacking

More examples of Moth images taken using focus stacking.
Unfortunately I have no idea what these two moths are – so no names. ( Can anyone help? )
The one against the deeper black background was taken on the D800 with a 105mm macro lens, taking 8 slices combined in Photoshop CS5 and finished in Lightroom 5.
The other image ( same camera and lens ) was 19 slices with the same post-production in CS5 and LR5.

Click on the images for a closer look!!

It may be of interest to some that I have signed up to the new Adobe Cloud idea – LR5 and the new Photoshop CC for just under £8 a month – until it renews, that is!
BUT … I could not get the Photomerge utility in Photoshop CC ( the bit that masks out the out of focus part of each layer and combines what is left into a single in-focus layer ) ito work on these images.
I had to go back to my old copy of CS5 to create these images. So something is not working properly here in CC!


Thanks to help from Peter Warne of Copped Hall fame ( well, he’s famous to me! ) the first of these critters is identified as a male Orange Swift moth! Thanks Peter 🙂


8 thoughts on “Moth Focus Stacking

  1. Excellent. have been studying up on stacking. I tried CC, the results were not stellar and I need to try again. There is specialized software, some free, that is tempting.

    • Thanks, Victor.
      As I say, i couldn’t get CC to do anything remotely sensible for stacking!
      The joys of software. But thanks for looking in!

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