Standing Stones

This will be the last post that I make to the blog on this trip to the Ring of Kerry .
We are homeward-bound tomorrow, via Rosscrea, Dublin, Chester and the A1 south to Essex.

These are the standing stones – maybe part of a stone circle ( it was hard to tell! ) – at Cashelkeetly on the Breara Way, another circular path south of the Ring of Kerry.
The stones are on a plateau about 400 feet above sea level and it is believed that they were put in place in about 700 BC.

Torc Falls

This is a waterfall on the Ring of Kerry just south of Killarney.
My success at finding waterfalls with a decent amount of water in them has been negligible, but this one was fantastic!

On the Ring of Kerry

From the Ring of Kerry looking back towards Esk Mountain.
We drove the ‘Ring’ on this day – around 120 miles – and you can just make out the road on the left of this image. Beautiful scenery – and fantastic coastlines.