Genesis Exhibition

Some of you will have read my entry about the exhibition of my photographs at the Genesis Cinema in the Mile End Road, London. “Catch the Moment”

Here are some shots of the cinema and the gallery with my pictures. Click on one of the images to see the slideshow.

This is a great location, and if you are in the area why not pop in and have a coffee, watch a film – or even, if before 6th January 2014, have a look at my pictures in their gallery?


9 thoughts on “Genesis Exhibition

    • Hi, Calee
      Thanks for this. But sorry, no, I don’t know the font.
      Did you survive all of the bad weather over the last week? I understand it hit parts of Europe quite badly!
      All the best

      • Hi John, yes we’re fine over here, thanks for asking! it was just a “code red” weather warning one day, but nothing serious happened. How are things over at yours? Take care!

      • Good to hear that you are okay. We are far enough inland not to have been worried by the storm – although some people along our east coast got it quite bad – at a least a couple of buildings landing up on the beach after the cliffs were washed away!

        But just the winter to navigate through now – although in a couple of weeks the evenings start to draw out again and we can look forward to spring! 🙂

        All the best for now,


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