Anglesey Abbey

From a visit just before Christmas to Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property close to Cambridge.
Click on an image to see the slideshow.

Splash Down – v2

As promised – or threatened – here is a second version of the “Splash Down” sequence.
This one incorporates eleven separate images, all taken on the D800 with the Sigma 180mm macro lens.
The images were exported from Lightroom into CS5 where they were combined into a single file that had an initial indicated size of over 1 Gigabyte!
That slowed the Mac down when I saved it as a Tiff file!!

The layers were then merged by hand, using layer masks on each layer to hide the unwanted bits!

Genesis Exhibition

Some of you will have read my entry about the exhibition of my photographs at the Genesis Cinema in the Mile End Road, London. “Catch the Moment”

Here are some shots of the cinema and the gallery with my pictures. Click on one of the images to see the slideshow.

This is a great location, and if you are in the area why not pop in and have a coffee, watch a film – or even, if before 6th January 2014, have a look at my pictures in their gallery?