Blue on Red

Blue milk – thickened with cream – dropped into red acrylic paint.


4 thoughts on “Blue on Red

    • Hi Calee

      Thank you! The focus is really tricky with these – the depth of field is down to millimetres – which is why the front droplets are sharp but the ones towards the back are blurred. Sometimes the drop just doesn’t play and the whole thing strays outside that small depth of field.

      The other thing that the sharpness depends on is the speed of the flash unit – this has to be fast enough to freeze any movement – any stray light will blur the image for you!

      It’s quite a technical challenge getting it all to come together – but when it works, its brilliant!

      As always, thanks for your interest 🙂


    • HI, Lisa

      Outdid the frog? Surely not! 🙂

      But I’m really pleased that you liked this. I wasn’t sure that it was a strong enough image, so you feedback is much appreciated.

      Thanks again.


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