Dusk at Loch Tarff

Loch Tarff, just north of Fort Augustus in Scotland and to the east of Loch Ness – this became a favourite location to take pictures. An amazing place – and we were blessed with brilliant weather for our visit.

Nikon D800, 24mm wide angle lens, tripod, wireless remote trigger and a series of five exposures ( -2, -1, 0, +1 +2 stops taken using the bracketing option on the D800 ) initially opened in Lightroom 4 but then combined into an HDR image using HDR Efex Pro.

A Splash of Colour

This is a new venture – a development of the water droplet photography.
But here I’m dropping cream – through the same microprocessor-controlled solenoid valve – into acrylic paint and making ‘pretty patterns’!
The collision takes place on a piece of shiny black plastic – giving the reflections, and adding another dimension to the image.

The results are almost unpredictable – but the colours are really vibrant.
I like it! 🙂

Three Droplet Collision

This is a collision between three water droplets.

The first is the one that is travelling upwards in a spike known as a Worthington jet.

The second droplet has fallen onto the Worthington jet and almost shattered into that array of spreading arms many of which are terminated by small bubbles.

The third droplet, timed to fall some twenty-five thousandths of a second behind the second droplet, has just broken on the tip of the Worthington jet creating that transparent cap.

All of the timings for this image – the triggering of the camera, the release of the three droplets and the firing of the flash units, were co-ordinated using the Arduino microcontroller and additional cicuitry described in a previous blog entry.