Cute – or Not Cute?

These little bundles of fur are Dassies ( or Rock Hyrax, according to Wikipeadia ). They are a rodent found amongst the rocks all around the coast near Cape Town. This one was one of a large group we spotted near Camps Bay.
The larger ones have have that miserable expression as a result of the white markings around their mouths – and they have also sharp little teeth. I wouldn’t want to get too close, I guess they could give you a nasty nip.

So cute? No – they don’t get my vote, I’m afraid.


2 thoughts on “Cute – or Not Cute?

  1. Calee

    Thanks for this – but for me, still not cute!
    How would “something/someone so ugly he never becomes adorable/cute” translate into Japanese? 🙂

    ps How many languages do you speak?

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