Postal Surprise

LIke anyone else I enjoy receiving things through the post – I think it’s part of the modern human condition. So last night, just after six o’clock, I was happy to answer a knock at our front door and sign for a package from a young man who appeared to have had his sense of humour and ability to smile surgically removed.

Anyway, he handed me the package – a box that measured 35cm by 24cm by 5cm ( that’s over 12 inches long for those still working in old money! ). And it was very light! If it had been empty when I opened it, I would not have been surprised – angry, perhaps, but not surprised.



When I did open the package I was confronted by a layer of the ubiquitous polystyrene chip things but little else.



A bit of ferreting revealed a piece of paper and, eventually, a small plastic bag containing two rotary switches, each of which measuered 17mm in diameter (about 3/4 of an inch!).



The enclosed paperwork told me that the cost of the items was £7.38 ( not a surprise really, I knew that from when I ordered them online ) and that the cost of the postage was £3.95 (and to be honest, that wasn’t a surprise either, because I also knew that when I ordered the switches).

But the surprise was the switches were despatched in a box TWENTY times bigger than the items themselves. That’s a bit like burying a 6 foot person in a 120 foot long coffin!

Just to stay on the soapbox for a couple of minutes more: the items themselves – the two of them in their little plastic bag, weighed in at a hefty 7 grammes ( sorry, can’t convert that to ounces ) whilst the total package including the switches and enclosed invoice tipped 146 grammes on the scales.

So, in summary: the box was twenty times the size of one of the switches, the complete package weighed more than forty times each of the individual switches and the postage was roughly equivalent to the cost of one of the items!

Doesn’t all this seem a little excessive? Wouldn’t a smaller box – or one of those Jiffy padded envelopes and some bubble wrap, have been sufficient? Maybe even cheaper?

Sure, it came from Germany ( I think! ), but I still feel a little bit ripped off. How rough is the journey across the North Sea? And my level of dissatisfaction was not helped by the fact that the project on which I was going to use the switches has progressed since I ordered the items (see my Water Droplet updates ) and that I no longer need the darn things.

Anybody want two rotary switches? Unused. Still in their original packaging. Reasonably priced. Postage and packing – exorbitant!


2 thoughts on “Postal Surprise

  1. ……but they’ll boast that they are ‘energy efficient’, ‘green’ & ‘environmentally friendly’…..

    T’is the sort of Orwellian madness that drives me nuts.

    All the best

  2. Hi. How are you?

    And Orwellian madness? I think you are right on the money there!

    Hope all is well with you and JIm and the extended family.

    John x

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