Half Moon

A grab shot of the moon taken at 12.30 am this morning looking due west from our house in Harlow. The moon was very low in the sky and brightly lit with this orangey yellow glow.

This was handheld, with the D800 racked up to ISO 1600 and the aperture wide open at f/5.6 on my 300mm lens. It gave me a shutter speed of 1/125, just about enough with the camera held tight against a window frame for some extra support. Of course, a tripod would have been better, but the clouds were moving quickly around the moon and taking the time to find a tripod I guess that I might have missed the shot.

It’s a liitle soft around the lower arc of the moon, but there is some good detail in the craters along the top edge, so I’m reasonably pleased. Maybe 6 out of 10!!

Physalis 2

My second attempt at the Physalis fruit – this time against a white background bleached out by two stobes, one left and one right. And there was a third strobe from top right, slightly towards the camera, shot through a small soft box.
The trickiest part was to stop the back leaves of the fruit burning out because of reflected light from the background.
What d’you think? IMHO, I think this version has the edge.

January Favourite

With the New Year just around the corner I thought it would be worthwhile looking back and picking out my favourites from the 4,300+ images I’ve taken over the year ( more, actually – they are the ones I’ve kept! ).
So here is my January Favourite – a sika deer stag at RSPB Arne near Poole in Dorset.
He was definitely looking at me as I was looking at him!


Also known as the Cape goosebrerry, Inca berry, Aztec berry, Golden berry, Peruvian groundcherry …. I think that’s quite enough of that, don’t you?

Taken on the D800 with a single strobelight through a small soft box to the left and a reflector made from crumpled kitchen foil to the right. I had my favourite 105mm macro lens on the Nikon with an ISO of 100 at f/18.


The weather can be unpredictable, relentless – and beautiful!
A couple of days ago it gave us this …

… whilst in the opposite direction we had ….

Absolutely stunning!!

Both images captured on my iPhone4 – not bad, but if only I had had the D800 with me!