May Favourite

Choosing a favourite for this month was a tough one – it was the month that Daphne and I went to Atlanta and then drove up through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Assateague Nature Reserve and on to Washington, from where we flew home.
So having to bring it down to one image was not easy. But I decided upon this one – a Great White Egret fishing at Assateague.
Taken on the D800 with a 70 – 300mm lens at 200mm and ISO 200: giving me f/5.6 at 1/1000 sec. It was that fast shutter speed that I needed to catch those water droplets.

April Favourite

One of the first photographs I took with the new Nikon D800. This was at Bempton Cliffs, an RSPB site on the east coast close to Flamborough Head.
The gannets ( several of them ) were collecting nesting material from the cliff tops.
If you haven’t been to Bempton, it’s a real treasure. Go here as soon as you can.

D800 + 80-400mm lens @ 330mm, ISO 200, f/13 at 1/250 sec – and a tripod!

February Favourite

This was taken as part of my panel for my ARPS application. See Breaking News. It nearly didn’t make it into the panel, but ended up being the centre image of the fifteen.
It was taken using a “Photo Trigger” unit with a laser beam across the top of the cream which, when broken by the falling strawberry, would fire my Nikon D300 and linked strobe lights.