Pictures from Amsterdam


Just got back from Amsterdam – my first time to the city. It’s a great place – vibrant and welcoming – but the weather was awful!



4 thoughts on “Pictures from Amsterdam

  1. Wonderous photos John. It is great to see all the architecture & the colours of Autum that we have here. You have some weird ones too – the leg in the air beside the water – intriquing & the chain on the door – the bars.

    Lovely to see a place I’ve never been.
    Hope you are well – it’s blowing up a storm here tonight.

  2. Hi Caroline

    Glad you liked them, but if only the sun had shone for a couple of hours. Oh well.

    We are all well down here; hope you are too.

    Take care and I hope the weather doesn’t treat you too badly. Best regards to family and flock.


  3. That’s a shame the sun didn’t shine for you.

    We are well, hope you are all fine. I have been buying some wonderful giant hens & hope to take some photies but it’s a disgusting day all in all.

    All the best

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