This is one beautiful bird!!


4 thoughts on “Buzzard

  1. John I’m just starting to realize how hard it is to photograph birds, so I’m extremely impressed with this. To be honest I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a buzzard!


  2. Nick


    Photographing birds in the wild is incredibly hard!! For a start, you can’t get near the things – and I often land up with small specks – often blurred small specks – somewhere in the frame.

    These were taken at a May Day Fair, so they were all very approachable. And the exhibitors were kind enough to let me wander amongst the birds – one of the benefits, I guess, of carrying a pro-looking SLR!

    And there’s lots of buzzards – and kites – about now. So good luck in finding them.

    All the best


  3. This is lovely – a buzzard who looks pensive – most unusual. When the house is up John you will be one of my first guest & you may have the caravan as yours for a week or so to photograph stuff proper.

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